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How to: Decoupage on a Coffee Table

A coffee table that you decoupage results in a furnishing that not only is given new life, but can instill a great sense of accomplishment in you. The method of decoupage is always the same, but you can bring your sense of creativity to the project in the form of what type of images you want to tran

How to Clean Fabric Window Blinds

Fabric blinds are a great way to make windows more appealing and to complete the look of a room. While shades made of fabric are very versatile and practical, they are also quite sensitive and prone to absorbing dust, smoke and dirt. Cleaning your window blinds is not only necessary for aesthetic re

Save Money on Home Decorating - Do it Yourself

With the present economic climate everybody is trying to reduced costs so if you are thinking off decorating your apartment so it has in that designer look but they're fearful it may cost too much to worry spending less does not mean you cannot get the design, look and feel that you still want.

How to Make a Faux Cow Print Rug

Some people like the look of cow prints, but do not like the area of using an actual cowhide in their decor. Instead of using the real thing, make a faux cow print rug yourself. Before painting your rug, look at some photos of cows to get the overall sense of the shape of the splotches. Do not limit

The Advantages of HDMI Wall Plates

Connectivity is an area of great interest in today's modern society. With just about every electronic device being hooked up to some network or another the idea of being connected remains a paramount concern in ...

How to Redo a Kid's Desk

That desk you bought your child in first grade may still accommodate her size now that she's in middle school, but the color that fit so well with her old princess-themed room looks out of place with her new color scheme. Or maybe your son's perfectly good desk is covered with half-peeled off sticke

How to Know Your Interior Design Style

Don't let decorating your home overwhelm you. Starting may intimidate you, but you can make it enjoyable by being prepared and having a good plan. The first thing to do is find out exactly what your design sensibilities are. Once you have a decorating style in mind, you will have a solid foundation

2 Top Kitchen Faucet Brands: A Review

Two of the most trusted and reliable brand of kitchen faucets are Hansgrohe faucets and Grohe faucets. While their names are similar and sometimes mistaken for each other, these are two distinct brands.In this article, we will discuss both of these brands of faucets and why they are so well-liked an

Seashell Crafts for Decorating

Seashells are an enduring natural byproduct that work well as craft materials. Seashells can be painted, glued, hung up and otherwise altered to fit into your home decor plans. Incorporating seashells into the decor in your house will expose you to the natural beauty of the ocean every day.

How to Make Replacement Cushions

If you have a great piece of furniture that you can't bear to part with, but it clearly needs some new cushions because of wear and tear, the best way to restore the piece is to create replacement cushions. Making replacement cushions is a quick way to change the look of a room without spending a lo

How to Fix Big Scratches

A CD is more durable than the videocassette that preceded it, but can be scratched if a sharp object gets pulled across the shiny side. This can cause the laser in the CD player to misread the data that is beneath the scratch. You can fix a big scratch on the CD so that the disc will once again play

Cute Ideas for an Apartment With a Brick Wall

A brick wall doesn't have to be boring. Brick walls in a small apartment offer a canvas for creating decorative displays that can give your apartment an artistic, rustic modern feel, depending on the design elements you choose and how those elements are placed. By combining decorative elements that