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Puppy Behavior 8-11 Weeks Old

Understanding puppy behavior is very important when learning how to train a puppy. Although the puppy development stage between 8-11 weeks is the cute phase, you need to start the training soon and by understanding how a puppy behaves can make the obedience training so much easier.

My Dog Sam

I remember the day my dog Sam died. It was a lovely sunny day, a day that held promise of fun and happiness; it was my 12th birthday. My mother had been baking all week and I had sneaked a peak at the biggest birthday cake I had ever seen.

The Dos and Don'ts of Crate Training

The use of a dog crate is often a misunderstood subject. Often we think of a dog crate as a cage that people who hate dogs throw them in because they don't want to deal with the problems they face with their pet. This is very rarely the case.

Golden Retriever - Start Training Them Young

Golden Retriever training is especially relevant because the breed is one that likes to be around people and to ensure that they enjoy their time with others, they need to be given proper Golden Retriever potty training. With the proper Golden Retriever training, you can ensure that the Golden is so

Dog Barking Can Drive You Crazy But There Is Something You Can Do About It

I once had an Eskie named Baggins. If you know the American Eskimo breed you're probably not surprised to hear he was a classic dog barking case. If you have a dog barker, you know what I mean. He barked in the morning, he barked in the night, he barked when he was happy and when he was anxious

Ramps For Your Dog

Let's face it, most pet owners are looking to provide their beloved dog a safe environment. Especially if you may have older dogs or just want them to be more comfortable. At times you may have seen your dog trying to leap onto the sofa or some other place, without much success.

Arthritis Treatment For Dogs - Treatment For Your Dogs Arthritis

1 in 5 dogs will develop arthritis at some stage of their lives. The condition effects different dogs in different ways, but the general outcome is suffering and pain for the dog in question. No-one wants to see their dog immobilised and in pain so this article will outline some arthritis treatments

Characteristics of German Shorthaired Pointers

German shorthaired pointers are among the world's most loyal companions. They long to be at your side, live to serve you and love to work. Bred as gun dogs for tracking game through wilderness, they also make great family dogs because they are respectful of all humans, including kids. The owner of t

Dog Training - Basic Commands

It is a good practice to start teaching your dog into obeying the basic commands as soon you get it in the house as a puppy. This is so because it is a new environment for it and has no distractions. Not only that, a young puppy is more eager to learn new things and you will find that the results ar

Dog Training - Understanding How Dog Food Influence Behaviour

Obedience training puppies is one of the most essential training for your little pets. Thus, a lot of dog owners are always on the lookout for the best guides that will help them be successful in training their puppies to be obedient in any way. Training a puppy usually involves common commands like

How to Choose Grooming Supplies for a Schnoodle Dog

Schnoodle dogs, a schnauzer and poodle mixture, inherit fur that is a cross between two breeds. Schnoodle coats range from a soft, wavy fur to a coarse, curly coat. Whatever the combination, most schnoodles have low maintenance fur. You can groom your schnoodle dog at home with the right grooming s

How to Make Homemade Dog Food in Less Than an Hour

If you've been wondering how to make your own dog food, don't worry; it isn't as difficult as you might think. In fact, it's pretty easy to do and isn't much different from making your own food at home for yourself.

Pet Behaviour - Understanding the Abilities of Your Dog

Getting the best from your dog demands that you know how your dog thinks and acts. Once you are well acquainted with the abilities of your dog, you will be well positioned to solve several challenges that may arise from the behaviour of your dog. This article is a summary oflessons learnt recently f

Heat Therapy - Arthritic, Aging Dogs

The benefits of heat therapy for aging, arthritic or recovering dogs are well documented. Heat therapy increases blood flow, thus increasing the transport of oxygen and important nutrients vital for rehabilitation. This helps reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain while improving mobility.

A Beginner's Guide to Greyhound Dogs

Training your dog is always recommended, regardless of the breed, in order to have a healthy and content pet. If you are contemplating about an athletic breed like a Greyhound dog, then you'll need to look in to the appropriate training and their profile.

How to Prevent Fighting Between Dogs

How can you tell if dog are playing or fighting? When should you intervene in a dog fight? Get the answers and learn how can you prevent dog fighting in the first place.

Liver Tumors in Dogs

Primary liver tumors are tumors that originate in the liver and are classified by shape, location and the type of tissue they originate in. These classifications are: massive (one large tumor), nodular (small lumps) or diffuse (spread throughout the liver). The tissues involved include hepatocellula

What Are Some Wheat Products in Dog Food?

Growing concerns about the quality of dog food ingredients has led to more transparency in the $15 billion a year industry. Many consumers are unaware that what is used in their dog's food can have a drastic effect on their overall health. Like humans, dogs can develop allergies to foods such as whe