Scrap Room Design Ideas

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    • Choose a paint color for your walls that will set a desirable tone for your scrapbooking and art projects. Light blue or green walls will set a relaxing atmosphere, whereas a bright yellow room will bring cheer and promote concentration. Purple walls are said to enhance creativity. If you choose to go with this color, pick a lighter shade so the room does not appear to be too dark. Since this is YOUR scrap room, you do not necessarily have to stick with one solid color. Paint stripes, polka dots or designs that represent your artistry. Consider painting a mural that you continuously add to on one of the blank walls.


    • A desk and comfortable chair are essential for scrapbooking and arts and crafts. If you can manage it, have two workstations--one for your computer and printer and the other for active projects. Search your house for unused tables, desks or even old bureaus to work on. Installing counters will also add to your work space area. Place a comfortable rocking chair or living room chair close to the window. This can be your place of retreat while you are sipping tea, looking through scrapbooking magazines or simply taking a break.


    • Storage is essential for the avid scrapbooker. Use pull-out drawers, shelving units and stacking storage boxes, and place them along walls and in the closet. Arrange items according to category. Place embellishments, buttons and stamps in clear jars so you can find them quickly and for a decorative effect. Organize scrapbook or other craft paper according to color and texture. Place them in clear plastic containers that can slide into a shelving unit or insert them in hanging file folders. Set up a pegboard system on your wall to hang buckets that will hold your hole punches, scissors, markers, pens and other tools. Alternatively, store tools in old mason jars and place them on your shelves. Stick hooks to the back of your door and hang packages of stickers or clear bags of scraps. Set up a short rod between two cupboards to hang your whole ribbon supply. At your desk, keep the items you use every day, either in a drawer or in a supply caddy. Keep craft and scrapbooking magazines in a wicker basket.


    • Since this is the room where your creative juices will be flowing, it is important to have some inspiration. Place framed photographs of your loved ones on your desk or shelves. Set up a twine clothesline and hang some of your proudest artistic accomplishments. Set up a bulletin board so you can peg ideas from magazines or from others that you would like to try. Add some nature to your room by bringing in a houseplant or setting up a bird feeder outside the window. If you work well with music, make sure there is a radio, stereo or other source of music in the room.

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