United States Lightning Fatalities 1996-2006

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Lightning strikes are more common than you think. Lightning deaths may be small in comparison with heart disease or a car accident, but the dangers are still inherent for everyone. All people need to be aware of and protect their families from a lightning strike. Lightning safety, especially for those living in the states with the most lightning deaths on record, is imperative.

Perhaps you think you are safe?

Think again. The lightning records below are broken down by location for the strikes. These localities include ball fields, nearness to heavy equipment, on a boat, under a tree, while golfing, outside in the open, in the water and even on the telephone.

You will also find the lightning records broken down by gender and age. The number of males and females struck by lightning can vary widely. But in fact, more men are hit by lightning than women in most all of the years. Also, the target age for lightning strikes is tragically high for children and young adults.

Finally, the chart is broken down by state. Although Florida often ranks very high, several other states are also considered highly dangerous for severe thunderstorms and consequently lightning. Alternately, you can read this article – The 10 Most Dangerous States for Lightning Strikes.

Lightning Deaths in the United States

Safety in the event of severe weather is critical and the way to stay safe is through education.

Knowing how and when to seek shelter, the correct type of storm shelter, and having a storm safety kit are all critical areas in which to gain increased knowledge. Below you will find a nice list of articles that can instruct you on preventing tragedy through education.

Severe Weather Safety

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