Eating in Medellin and How It Is Affected by Whether You Stay in a Hotel Or Vacation Rental

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Getting to eat some of the local cuisine is often one of the most interesting parts of a vacation.
If you are traveling to Medellin, Colombia then you will find that there are a wide range of different restaurants serving international cuisine, as well as plenty of places where you can try some of the local dishes, such as sancocho, mondongo and bandeja paisa.
The Zona Rosa is one of the best parts of the city to eat in, but there are good restaurants throughout Medellin.
Your options for eating while you are in Medellin will depend upon whether you have chosen to stay in a vacation rental apartment or in a hotel.
Whether you stay in Medellin apartments or in a hotel, you will be able to eat out at the many excellent cafes and restaurants in the city.
Staying in an apartment will allow you to choose between cooking for yourself and going out for a meal.
Being able to prepare your own meals will allow you to save money and to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to find a table at a restaurant.
You will also be able to prepare a picnic lunch if you are going out for the day.
Self-catering will be a particularly good choice if you have special dietary requirements or if you are traveling with children, who may be less willing to try new foods while they are on vacation.
Self-catering facilities also make it easy to prepare a bottle of formula if you are traveling with a baby.
If you are going to cook for yourself, you will need to be willing to make the effort to do so, and to buy the food you need in the markets and stores of Medellin.
There are plenty of supermarkets, small grocery stores and markets around the city.
Pamona and Exito are two of the main chains.
Medellin is a particularly good place in which to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
Most stores have an interesting selection of exotic fruits.
If you choose to stay in a hotel then you may have a mini-bar filled with expensive snacks, room service and a hotel restaurant in addition to the many dining opportunities in the city.
You will probably spend a lot more on food than if you were self-catering, and your choices will be limited to whatever is on the menu.
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