How to Replace the Drive Belt on a 1993 Blazer S10

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    • 1). Place the pliers onto the arm on the top of the tension pulley. The tension pulley is the round metal piece with the roller on the bottom of it that the drive belt connects to.

    • 2). Pull the tension pulley towards the alternator using the pliers. Once the roller comes off of the drive belt pull the drive belt off of the engine pulleys and slowly release the pliers.

    • 3). Place the new drive belt onto the large pulley at the bottom front side of the engine. Follow the drive belt diagram on the panel on top of the radiator to connect the drive belt to the correct pulley. The diagram is in clear view and is outlined in yellow.

    • 4). Guide the drive belt to the tension pulley. Pull back on the pliers and connect the belt to the roller on the tension pulley. Slowly release the tension pulley, remove the pliers and close the hood.

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