5 Tips On How To Develop Self-Awareness

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All of us want to be successful in life. But only a few gets to live their dreams. Why? It's because most people are not self-aware. Although, a lot has been written about self-awareness, its importance is still commonly overlooked. When you have high levels of self-awareness, you enter a world filled with numerous opportunities. And all your goals come right within your reach.

But what is this self-awareness and what is its importance? Self-awareness is not just about knowing yourself. It's having an unbiased definition of your thoughts, motivations and beliefs. In other words, it is the ability to assess yourself objectively.

Self-awareness is crucial to personal development because it affects how you view the world and yourself in it. Without self-awareness your view of the world becomes limited, making it harder for you to make sound decisions in life.

Truly knowing yourself entails discovering your innermost being and understanding the way you think, feel and behave. Without this understanding, you are doomed to be lost in the abyss of your own emotions and misconceptions about yourself.

Here are some tips to help you increase your self-awareness.

1. Reflect - Spend some time alone to know yourself and write down your thoughts. Keeping a journal is an effective way to reflect. Write down important events, interactions or even relationships that failed to meet certain expectations. Review your list and seek clarification. Reflecting on yourself also requires you to assess your behavior in certain situations. Determine what you did well and the things that you could have done further to get better results.

2. Ask for a friend's opinion - You need to see yourself through the eyes of the people who know you very well. It could be your family, your partner or your best friend. Ask them what they like and don't like about you.

3. Compare your self-assessment and other people's feedback on you. You need to know if you see yourself like others see you. You will be surprised at how much other people know about you that you probably didn't know about yourself.

4. Define your goals - Know what your heart truly desires. Make sure that your goals are what you really want and not just what others want for you. It is crucial that your ambitions are your own and not somebody else's. Remember that your goals help in the defining who you are and who you want to be.

5. Do not deny your feelings. Instead, let it out. Know that your feelings are not sins. And when necessary, share those feelings with others. But be careful. If you feel the need to share your feelings with someone, make sure that he/she can handle what you are about to share. You need to be extra cautious in revealing or showing certain feelings that may hurt other people.
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