Guilin Attractions: Getting to Know Guilin

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One of the most picturesque cities in the whole of China, Guilin draws visitors from all over the globe with its stunning natural attractions.

Ranging from scenic hills that offer stunning panoramic views from the top to caves and remote villages, the things to do in this part of the world are many and varied, and many visitors end up extending their stay for several days in order to really get to know Guilin and the surrounding area.

1) Li River
Many of the leading Guilin hotels can be found close to the Li River, offering visitors stunning views from their balconies and large picture windows. While visitors who have booked a room in one of these hotels will be able to enjoy the views of Li River from the comfort of their room or while they dine in style in the restaurant, others can wander beside the river or take a dinner cruise to soak up the atmosphere.

2) Elephant Trunk Hill
One of Guilin's most prominent landmarks, Elephant Trunk Hill can be found at the point where Peach Blossom River meets with Li River. While climbing to the top of Elephant Trunk offers stunning views of the area, visitors will want to pause on the way to the summit in order to check out Elephant Eye Cave and the enchanting Water Moon Cave, which is said to look like the full moon drifting lazily on the water.

3) Seven Star Park
Named after the seven peaks that can be found within the park, Seven Star Park is situated on Li River's eastern side. Visitors should allow plenty of time to explore this large and lovely park, as there are several attractions here, such as the simply stunning Flower Bridge, Camel Hill and Seven Star Cave.

4) Folded Brocade Hill
This large hill offers arguably the best views of Guilin, and this is a popular place to come on a sunny day to soak up views of the city. A good place to sit and unwind for a while is the Catch-the-Cloud pavilion, while other points of interest here include Yueshan Hill, Crane Peak, Look-on-All-Direction Hill and Bright Moon Peak.

5) The Reed Flute Cave
Situated on the highway leading up to Guangming Hill, the Reed Flute Cave boasts a large number of interesting stalactites as well as stalagmites and rocks that cave naturally been formed in all manner of strange shapes. Visitors who wander through the dimly lit cave will also discover an impressive collection of ink inscriptions, which date back to 792 AD. The Reed Flute Cave takes its name from the reeds that grow just outside the cave, which are used by local people to make flutes.

6) Daxu Ancient Town
Visitors who have plenty of time to spare will want to take a trip to Daxu Ancient Town, which is located just a short drive away from the heart of Guilin. Walking the streets of this fascinating city is like stepping back in time, as most hail from the Ming and Qing Dynasties and have been extremely well preserved.

7) The Mausoleums of Jing Jiangf
These impressive mausoleums can be found just five kilometres from the heart of Guilin and are definitely worth a visit. The mighty Yao Mountain towers over the Mausoleums of Jing Jang, while the outer gardens are scattered with stone statues of animals.
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