Three Months to Live

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Today I had coffee with truly an amazing man.
When he was twenty years old he was informed by his doctor that he has testicular cancer and it was in an advanced state.
He was told he about three months to live.
It floored him as we might expect.
This is not something anyone expects to hear, let alone a twenty year old.
But after a couple of weeks in deep depression he decided it did no good being depressed, if he was going to die soon, at least it would not be without a fight.
Although he respected his doctor, he got a second, a third and a fourth opinion.
All responses were the same, he was terminal.
But notice, it took six months to get the four opinions, well, he was supposed to live only three months.
Now he was developing a belief that maybe, just maybe, he could win this fight.
He read on the internet about a test on a new treatment in a hospital in Philadelphia, but he was married with two young babies, where to turn.
He lived in New Hampshire.
The Philadelphia Hospital had accepted him for their study but could his family survive going with him? His wife found a job and away they went.
This was an eastern medicine concept but a chance he obviously was willing to take.
It gave him and his family a glimmer of hope.
It should pointed out it was now nine months since he was told he would not live three months.
Many times during the treatments, that went from massive doses of chemo to massive doses of radiation to immersion in water for long periods of time and periods of meditation..
He was in and out of tremendous pain, to being semi comatose to throwing in the towel.
He explained that were his wife not the fighter she is, he probably would have given up, but she would not let him.
She was capable of tough love.
Five years later he was given two more years to live, then he was given five more years.
He no longer goes for examinations.
He was a guest speaker at the Lance Armstrong Foundation Conference in Texas and is the advocate for testicular cancer in New England.
What is the point of this story? I hope it is obvious, just never give up.
When in dire straights your belief and your why are just about all you have.
But that is enough, if you just never give up.
And be sure you get all the information you can get before moving forward with a strong support group.
I am proud to say that this a real person and this is a personal friend of mine but I felt his story should be told.
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