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What does it mean to be a good teacher of English and what shell one do to become one of them?
To be a good English language teacher means to have all qualities and skills that are necessary to help students get a  good command of spoken and written English. To be a good teacher of English, it is necessary to have proficiency in language itself, have positive motivation, effective body language, sense of humor, and interpersonal skills, but the most important skill is the ability to communicate.

Communication skills of the teacher must be built up in the way where the targeted language is used effectively. Body language, including facial expressions, pitch and tone in combination with interpersonal skills are very important aspect for a good teacher to possess.
The best way for teachers to get required English language communicative skills is courses for overseas teachers of English and in order to get most of the courses is best to study the course where the language is spoken.

Courses for teachers of English as a second language is not only a great opportunity to obtain communication skills of the British but also attain teaching proficiency.
Courses for teachers of English in London, UK enjoy a prestigious international reputation as a centre of excellence of English Language teacher training courses for non-native speakers of English. This means that every year hundreds of people take English teacher training courses to become teacher of English as a foreign language.

Teaching English to speakers of other languages is the teaching of English to non-native speakers. A long time ago, this meant the Grammar Translation Method where rote learning of disconnected vocabulary and grammar was the order of the day. Nowadays, Teaching English as a Foreign Language is all about ‘The Communicative Approach', where students' ability to use the language actively is paramount, and a teacher is the one who can engage and inspire students by bringing the language alive through stimulating and dynamic lessons.

English language courses for overseas teachers of English in Great Britain follow a student centered approach where the student is placed firmly at the center of the learning experience and is given maximum opportunity to link their classroom learning to the real life communicative use of English. After successfully completing the course, one will hold a globally-recognized teaching qualification which will allow to find quality teaching posts all over the world.

These courses have considerable experience of providing the internationally-recognized and    highly-regarded certificates and diplomas. The Certificate level course is considered excellent initial training for those with very little or no prior teaching experience so those that successfully complete the course and are awarded the certificate have a qualification enabling them to teach anywhere in the world. So as a conclusion we can say that Courses for teachers of English as a foreign language is the excellent opportunity to become a true professional teacher with a good command of English, perfect communicative skills and the possibility to teach English all over the world.

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