Fixing a Contaminated Diesel Engine

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There have been many cases of diesel engines being contaminated by fungus.
 Ignoring this problem can cause your car or truck to not function properly or even at all.
This happens when you fill up with already contaminated or your fuel tank has a hole.
If your tank has a hole moisture can get into the tank and allow fungus to form.
If your car has been acting strangely lately if could be due to fungus.
To find out you need to look at your filler pipe and cap, this is where it would form.
You can also take a clean stick and put it into your fuel tank, once you take it out if you see unusual pieces of material than you know you have fungus growing in your tank.
In some extreme cases, when you open your fuel tank you may even get an undesirable rotten egg smell.
If you have successfully diagnosed your engine for fungus than you must remove it.
To do this you must pour biocide that is designed to kill fungus into the fuel tank.
You should only add this chemical to your tank when you are filling it with normal fuel.
Never add biocide to an empty tank.
For serve amounts of fungus you might have to completely empty the tank and clean it out with a steam cleaner.
Once it has been cleaned than you can refill the tank with fuel and some biocide.
If you even think you are buying contaminated fuel, cover the fuel nozzle with a filter and if you see any contaminants than you know you must immediately add in biocide.
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