Will Trickle Charging Hurt a Battery?

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    • A trickle charge, according to the electrical reference website MPower UK, provides a continuous, long-term and constant current charge intended to compensate for a battery's natural depletion. Battery chargers equipped with a trickle charge function may automatically switch to this process when a battery nears its full charge.


    • In some batteries, such as lithium or nickel-metal hydride types, continuing to apply input once the battery has reached its full charge can damage the battery and reduce its life expectancy. Because trickle charging applies a continuous charge, this method of charging may damage a battery.


    • Though trickle charging can damage a battery, it serves to keep a battery from depletion during periods of inactivity. In addition, applying a trickle charge only until the battery reaches capacity should have minimal effect on the battery's lifespan, according to electrical experts at Northern Arizona Wind and Sun.

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