Romancing a Leo Male

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Are you dating a Leo guy? Do you know if your star sign is compatible with him? Are you curious about what makes this lion tick and how your relationship with him will progress? This article will give you a few hints about your Leo man and what you can do to make the relationship successful.
The Basics of a Leo Leos are lions, and they act like it.
They are the proudest of the star signs and won't let anyone forget it.
They are a determined bunch and will not accept failure easily, which actually makes them quite devoted when it comes to romantic relationships.
They do, however, require a massive amount of attention! He'll want you there all the time.
You'll need to be the doting girlfriend and may even feel like a bit of a trophy - but don't worry.
If you're good to him, he'll appreciate you and make up for it in all the right ways! Leo guys are very, very passionate when they're in love.
They will go out of their way to make you feel special so that they can be the shining sun of your world.
As long as you let him know that you appreciate his efforts, you will be quite the happy camper! Compatibility and the Leo Man Leos tend to get along with their fire sign companions, so Sagittarius and Aries can make a good match.
Leos pairs are less common, but there is compatibility potential.
Gemini and Libra women are also a good match for the Leo.
On the contrary, if you fall under the star sign of Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces or Virgo, you may not have a very successful romantic relationship with a Leo guy.
This is not to say such a union is impossible, only that it will require much more patience and dedication than a star sign pairing that is better suited to each other.
Making a Leo Love You If you've been paying attention at all, you should realize that the way to a Leo guy's heart is not through his stomach - it's through his ego! Encourage him, compliment him and watch him perform throughout his daily life.
These persistent men want you to notice them, and paying attention to them is as much a sign of adoration as telling them, "I love you.
" It is good to keep in mind that while they are very proud and have a very vibrant confidence, the Leo male doesn't handle negativity well.
Bruising his ego could mean the death of your relationship.
This is not to say he can't handle a constructive or playful ribbing once in a while, but do this with caution lest you burst his bubble.
The Leo man may not seem fragile, but he needs a woman who can support him in all that he does.
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