The Smart Way To Use Perfumes And Colognes

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The smart woman knows that she needs to incorporate fragrance into her overall bag of influence if she is to have success with members of the opposite sex. Women who will spend hours shopping for that perfect outfit and hours again applying their makeup should not neglect the effects of fragrance on their overall appeal to the opposite sex. The fragrance that she wears is just one of the many weapons that she employs in her day to day life. Other weapons are food, furnishings, tone of voice, and loving kindness. When she works all of these things together she has a force so powerful that no man can resist.

Eighty nine percent of men surveyed have said that a woman's scent further enhances her beauty and makes her even more attractive to them. Perfumes are the fragrances which work and better yet scented oil fragrances because they dont contain the alcohol and solvents which are added to perfumes to make their aroma more powerful. Men will equate a good fragrance with you if they can relate to having a good time with you when you have worn it. Even if a man smells the fragrance on another woman he will remember you.

This is the reason why it is important to develop what I call a signature fragrance. A signature fragrance is one that you associate with yourself. It is the one that you wear most of the time. It becomes the one that your circle of friends associates with you. When they smell it they will automatically think of you no matter who is wearing it. Your signature fragrance is one that works well with you no matter when and where you wear it. Many times women are known just as well by the fragrance that she wears as she is by her physical appearance. Do you remember the school teacher or woman at church on Sunday who always wore a certain fragrance? Now lets take it a step farther. Sometimes people will associate good or bad experiences with a fragrance. If they remember a good time that they had while a certain fragrance was present the smell of that fragrance will always trigger a positive reaction. The opposite will be true if they associate a negative experience with a certain fragrance. In this sense you can train those around you to associate your fragrance with a positive reaction or positive feelings for you.

The smell or perfume of fruits and flowers weakens the defense system of men. So next time you want your husband or boyfriend to go all crazy about you, make sure that you have a combination of these two. There is something about the natural fragrances which appeals to members of the opposite sex. The fragrance which seems to work best for me is coconut. I am a man and women compliment me on it any time that I wear it.

The right combination of some essential aromatherapy oils such as sandalwood, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, or jasmine is sure to make your husband/boyfriend, fall in love with you again. Men also love the smell of jasmine or lilies. Of all the smells that drive us crazy, another one is the smell of clean hair. After you have washed your hair with your favorite smelling shampoo, just blow dry it. That seems to increase the perfume. You can also rub a little bit of scented oil on your hands and rub them through your hair in order to add a fragrance. This works best if you use natural fragrance, although it works well with the designer perfume fragrances also.

Remember that fragrance is just one part of your entire arsenal, although it is a powerful tool. You should be cognizant of most of your surroundings. Mix fragrance with color and other things that affect the senses to get more bang for your buck. Taste is also a weapon. A fine meal will wear down the defenses of the opposite sex just as well. You must be clean and well dressed as well as healthy also. Fragrance Oil Express
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