Is FriendsWin Worth Signing Up as an Affiliate Marketer?

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If you've been looking at affiliate marketing programs, you know that there are literally thousands of them available on the internet today.
And the vast majority are free to sign up.
Meanwhile, FriendsWin charges about $50 to become an affiliate marketer.
With so many free opportunities, why would you sign up with a company that charges $50? I have to say I was curious.
I mean, any affiliate marketing program that charges you to sign up had better provide one heck of an opportunity.
So I did quite a bit of research on the site.
Here's what I found out: The Product: FriendsWin is a social networking site, much like Myspace and Facebook.
The basic profile pages are very similar to Myspace.
But the site offers a number of video features that Myspace doesn't have.
To give a few examples:
  • Video profiles: You can upload a video profile on your page, instead of just a static image.
    This video profile appears in search results and friends lists.
    I found that I was much more interested in viewing member pages that had video profiles than those that just had static images.
  • Video dating: You can view videos of potential matches, rather than relying on pictures to get a sense of what someone is like.
    I imagine this would be very useful for someone using the internet to find a date.
    How many times have you met someone in person, only to find out that they weren't anything like their description.
    I think this could save you a fair number of awkward moments.
  • Video resumes: If you've looked for a job recently, you know how hard it is to stand out from the crowd using a text-based resume.
    You can use video resumes to show potential employers just how intelligent and professional you really are.
    After all, employers hire based on appearance more often than they do on credentials or experience.
  • Video conferencing: With a FriendsWin membership, you can hold a video conference with up to 9 business associates, friends, or family members.
    You don't need expensive video equipment - a $20 webcam will do just fine.
    This looks like a good way to stay in touch, work on school projects, or hammer out a business deal.
So all in all, it looks better than Myspace.
And it's no secret how successful that site has been.
So far, so good.
The Affiliate Marketing Opportunity: FriendsWin pays you for every member you refer to the site - every month, for as long as they continue to subscribe.
If a member signs up to promote FriendsWin, you get paid on their referrals every month, too.
And on the referrals those people bring to FriendsWin.
In total, you get paid for every referral through eight levels, which means that you could eventually get a cut on thousands of members.
Again, that's not just once - that's every month.
That doesn't look too bad.
If you sign up five people to promote FriendsWin and turn them loose (or maybe guide them along the way), those people could bring in thousands of members, and you'd get paid for each one without having to do any extra work.
The Bottom Line: FriendsWin is offering a product that everyone wants (25,000 members signed up in a little under 3 months), and the site pays you not only for your own work, but for the work of the people you bring in, too.
As affiliate marketing programs go, this looks like it stands a better chance of making some people real money than most other programs, where you constantly have to spend time and money chasing clients.
Paying $50 to get in on this business seems a little hard to swallow, but it looks to me like it might be well worth the chance to make some real money while most affiliate marketers spin their wheels promoting ebooks and diet pills.
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