Color Ideas for a Baby Girl's Room

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    • Traditional colors for a baby girl’s room include shades of pinks, purples, and reds. The most common color chosen is baby pink for its symbolic reference to a baby girl. Parents may choose to mix these colors with other neutral tones to create a more contrasting room. Often parents choose one color, either pink, red, or purple, and use different shades and tones of the color to accent the room. For example, if pink is chosen, light pink may be used for the walls, while a pale pink is used for the ceiling, and a dark or bright pink for the trim. Parents may also choose to mix the traditional colors so the room has more color variety. For example, the walls of a room may be painted a pale pink and have a lavender or red trim.


    • Neutral colors refers to both gender neutral colors and standard neutral colors. Gender neutral colors commonly include yellow and green. Standard neutral colors includes shades of brown, white and gray. Parents usually choose standard or gender neutral colors when the sex of the baby is unknown before birth. Both types of colors work in a baby girl’s room, and allow the focus to be on the accent pieces such as furniture, special artwork, or toys. Many parents choose to add accent colors to neutral colored rooms once the baby has been born. Standard neutral colors also add a classic feel to a nursery, and commonly match unpainted wood baby furniture.


    • Themed colors for a baby girl’s room follow a particular subject of the room. For example, a princess theme might include shades of pink, purple, blue and white. The themed color palette is the most versatile, because it allows for the use of many colors throughout the room. Themed colors also work particularly well for baby girls who will be sharing the room with a boy. Themes allow parents to incorporate colors from both genders, or include accents of pink with gender neutral colors to signify the baby girl’s arrival.

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