How to Attract Women - Johnny Got It ALL Wrong

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I think most men will be able to identify with this story, yes it is a fictional name, but the same story plays out all of the time with real guys in real life.

Johnny grew up like most guys do. During his school years, he spent most of his time hanging out with his buddies, playing sports and doing guy things. He never really made too many female friends and that was okay by him. During high school, he had a couple of girlfriends, nothing too serious. When he went off to college, it was mostly the same story, just another place.

He hung out with his frat buddies, dated a couple of women, and still did not spend much time getting to "know" women. It did not seem to matter much. In a school environment, there were always females to choose from. And being that he hung out with the frat guys, he did okay when it came to getting dates.

Then the after college years came and things started to change. Johnny got a job in a new city, where he really did not know anyone at all. He spent long hours at the office, trying to impress the higher ups, and just trying to keep his job. As a result, his social life suffered. Not only did he not know anyone, except for a couple of guys in the office, but he had very few options when it came to meeting women.

He was used to meeting women just by chance at college, because they were all around him, but that was not the case anymore. There were only a couple of women at the office and they were all married or in relationships. So, his life settled into a routine of going to work, coming home, and hoping that one day he would run into the right woman by chance.

Of course, that NEVER happened.

I think a lot of men, actually from experience talking to guys, I know that a lot of men get stuck in a cycle like this. You get to a point where you realize that you when about it all wrong when it came to attracting women and when you don't have an environment where you are surrounded by single and available women, it's easy to get caught up in a rut or a dry spell.

Sometimes that rut or dry spell can last for what seems like FOREVER.

Most men are conditioned to hang out with the guys and never really learn much about what attracts women. Because of this, you kind of either have to hope that you just happen to run into a woman who wants to date you or you have to go through a lot of lonely nights and weekends.

You Don't Have to Be Like 'Johnny'...

Even if you have followed that same path and you find that right now... it looks like your options are very limited when it comes to meeting and attracting women, it does not have to stay that way. When you take the time out to really understand what attracts women and most importantly, what they respond to... then change can happen pretty fast.

There are so many places that guys can go to meet available, single women. The real problem comes in trying to get them to react the way that you want them to. Yes, you also need to learn how to approach women, but once you make the approach, do you know how to make her want to date you?

A Little Advice On How to Attract Women...

Women respond much better to men who don't make them feel uncomfortable. Now, that may sound like a pretty obvious statement, but a lot of men make women uncomfortable without meaning to. Like, when they approach a woman and they don't have much to say to her. And then there is that long and awkward moment of silence.

One of the best ways to overcome this, is to learn how to talk to women. When you can approach a woman and have her feel like she can easily have a conversation with you, it's a lot easier to turn that into something more. When she feels awkward or like she has to carry on the bulk of the conversation, the odds that you end up with a date are not all that good.
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