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Unlike brick and mortar businesses an online business requires a fraction of the investment. Many people nowadays are looking for either a job or a second job because they need to find a new way to make money.

Opening up your current IRA statement is risky business these days. Depression can easily set in as people see how much money was lost during the last quarter. With the economy not improving and more and more people getting laid off it has become necessary for people to find a new way to make money.

During the Great Depression people did not have the educational resources currently available today such as technical colleges and online school classes. Neither did they have computers and the Internet to do searches on and find information about upgrading their current skills and level of education.

With the high cost of child care oft times it hardly pays to put a child in a day care center and go off for the day working for someone else for minimum amount of pay. These part time jobs or maybe even a full time job do not provide the benefits a family would require to make it worth their while to leave home.

Families are stretched to their limits emotionally and physically as they try to schedule child care along with which parent will be home when. Providing money for just the basic necessities is increasingly difficult with no hope of a brighter future including college for the children.

Even people with marketable skills and even a college education are having trouble making ends meet. People who used to have a good income or who are still gainfully employed are beginning to look to the Internet. People are searching for such topics as:

  • how to make a website
  • how to sell products online
  • how to make money on the Internet

    It is a simple fact; more and more people are tired of struggling and see no upcoming improvement with the economy. Families are sick and tired of working more than one, two or three jobs just to put food on the table and pay the rent and are looking on the Internet by the groves to try and find out how to make money on the Internet and sell products online.

    Frustrating as it is much information is available for people looking for information about how to make a website and begin to sell products online. However, it becomes overwhelming after reading all the information available and they do not know where to begin.

    There is much to learn when a person tries to begin a new career path and have no idea where to begin. Garbage and misleading information is advertised to try and lure people to spend thousands of dollars on some product. Websites tell people they can make a lot of money in a short period of time - get rich quick ideas that do not work, and people are desperate to try it and are later grossly disappointed.

    Now today, Chris Douthit enters the scene. Chris is an Internet marketer who has made a living strictly on-line since 2003 by designing software, authoring numerous books, video courses and consulting over this period. He entered graduate school to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Here he learned how to support himself working only a few hours a day on-line while putting himself through school.

    With his Chris Douthit System, which is not a get rich quick gimmick by any means, people of any skill level, from total beginner to moderately advanced, will be have an exact road map to online business success. He is providing everything a person needs to get started in a new career path by providing step-by-step training in how to make a website, how to sell products online and finally and most importantly, how to make money on the Internet.

    People need jobs today; they need to make more money. The good news for people nowadays that those suffering job losses during the Great Depression did not have is called Internet Marketing. Families can spend more time at home. When people own home based businesses they spend less money on gas and more time at home.

    Small businesses that were family owned is what got our great country started. Small, family run businesses are still the backbone of our country and our economy. There are many success stories we have heard about where small, family run business that were begun in a kitchen, garage, or small building grew into giant corporations.

    Thank God for the USA and all the opportunities each person who lives in this country has who is willing to work. Taking pride in ourselves and our hard work is, and always has been, our link to self-fulfillment and pride in ourselves.

    College students, house wives, working or not working, senior citizens or anyone who just wants to find a new way to make more money would benefit from the training videos.

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