How Natural Dog Foods Can Improve the Look and Feel of Your Dog

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To some a dog is more than just an animal.
They become an integral part of the family: a family member.
Just as we watch what we give our family with respect to food, it is equally important that we also monitor what our beloved friends consume on a daily basis.
One way we can improve the look and feel of our dogs is by providing them with natural dog foods.
Natural dog foods are simply untreated ones that do not contain chemicals or fillers and use only the best ingredients.
They closely mimic the diet that a dog would innately obtain with non-human intervention in their natural environment.
A healthy dog is a good-looking one.
A good-looking one is one with a shiny coat.
In order to achieve a gleaming coat a dog must receive proper nutrition.
It is not just the type of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals that is essential in maintaining healthy skin and coat but also the ratio of each.
By providing natural food such as raw meat, bones, organs, offal and fruit and vegetables you are ensuring that you are doing the best to improve the look and hence feel of its coat.
Providing the right diet, through natural dog foods, means your dog feels good internally.
This is because all systems function together in order to release energy and excrete waste.
Feeling good internally enables the dog to run around and exercise.
With this comes the added benefit of weight management.
The amount of energy going into its body is equal to the amount being used.
A fit dog looks and feels healthy.
Some commercially mass produced foods have been made with chemically treated ingredients.
They may have had added chemicals such as preservatives and additives to enhance flavour or preserve shelf life.
These chemicals can cause allergies in dogs, which affect the appearance, feel and happiness, of our beloved pets.
These are quite similar to humans: rashes, dry skin (and therefore loss of coat condition), loss of hair as well as other internal problems such as ear infections, cancer, organ failure, blindness, excessive diarrhoea and immune system problems.
Natural dog foods do not contain such harmful chemicals.
We all know that looking healthy is associated with being young.
Research has shown that the chemicals added to non-natural food ages dogs quicker thus affecting life expectancy.
Hence by providing the chemical free option ensures that it will prolong the inevitable degeneration of skin condition, appearance of grey hairs, cataracts, cancers, tumours and other lumps, joint deterioration and internal complications associated with aging, improving their overall health and appearance and preserving it for longer.
Most of us look after ourselves in order to live a long and prosperous life.
This is achieved through a healthy lifestyle and diet.
It is about time that we extend this concept to our canine friends by giving them natural dog foods to improve their look and feel.
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