Dating Tips - How to Ask Him Out

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You are in the 21st century.
These days it is not anymore applicable to wait for the guy to ask you out.
Though, I am not saying that it is something that women need not do.
If you are willing to wait, it is okay.
However, if the guy tends to be too slow for your pace, it won't harm you to come forward and do the first move.
You can either wait all you want and might end up waiting for nothing or, you can step up, make yourself visible and invite him for a tall espresso.
Believe me.
Asking a guy out is not as difficult as you think it is.
And since I want to be your "answered prayer," I am going to share with you a couple of very simple ways of asking "him" out.
If he is someone you already know, like a co-worker for an instance, you can just simply approach him at your break-time and casually invite him to have coffee or something like that.
Just come over and say, "Hey! Let's have some coffee!" As simple as that and you just asked a guy out! You don't need to explain why you asked him to join you.
Just ask him.
If he says yes, then you are the lucky girl for that day.
However, if he says no, don't get depressed.
Keep in mind that, you should not make a big deal out of his "No.
" There could be a couple of reasons why he declined.
Besides, you asked him casually so, you should treat his "No.
" in a casual manner too.
Remember that there is enough coffee in the world for the two of you to share and that there is always another day.
You can also start with a small talk.
Let's say, during lunch on a Monday, you saw him eating in the cafeteria.
"Casually" join his table.
While eating together, you can "casually" ask him about his weekend.
This is your way to know what he likes to do during his free time.
Then, you can "casually" suggest something similar that the two of you can do together over the following weekend.
Because he is interested in what you are offering, you have a bigger chance of getting a "yes.
" Imagine how fun would that be? You just booked yourself a date with your dream guy over lunch.
How about if you don't know who the guy is? You can do some flattering through words or flattering through beer.
Let us say you are in a bar and you had your eyes over this guy at your 4 o'clock.
You can either approach him and introduce yourself and tell him that he looks very gorgeous and you hope that he won't mind if you join him or, you can buy him a beer and as he looks your way, give him a very sweet smile.
He will surely come over to say thank you.
Then in your conversation, you can tell him how you are enjoying his company and you would really love it if he joins you over dinner the day after tomorrow.
Just keep your invitations casual.
That way, you won't need to make a fuss about getting rejected since it won't come as something like a very big deal.
Making your invitations casual will also avoid the possibility of scaring the guy because of a possible commitment.
Remember that most men get jitters whenever they sense a possibility of getting into a commitment.
Just ask him and don't explain.
As for getting rejected, consider it as a job application.
There are times that you get it and there are times that you don't.
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